Take Part


The goal is to produce either 10 separate tracks or 35 minutes worth of original material.

All material should be written AND recorded during the given month.

How you fill your album it’s up to you – It could be songs, instrumentals, field recordings, spoken word, that concept album you've always been meaning to make, a 35-minute improvisation, the more creative the better.

You don't need to worry about recording quality. Some One Month Albums have been recorded on a phone on a bus,  some in posh studios. Anything goes.

When you are done, upload your album to a Bandcamp page by the 1st day of the following month and submit it to the FB group or email your album link to albums@onemonthalbum.com


(2014) May, October,

(2015) March, August,

(2016) January, June, November,

(2017) April, September,

(2018) February, July, December

(2019) May, October

(2020) March, August

(2021) January, June, November,

(2022) April, September

(2023) February, July, December

(2024) May, October