01: May 2014bigleyspokes

bigleyspokes – “MAY B”

bigleyspokes – “MAY B”

Recorded during the month of May for the project “An Album for May”

using – two ears, two turntables and a mixer, a Pioneer EFX 500, a mini kaoss pad, a Yamaha DD6 drum machine, garageband, audacity, a Blue “Yeti” usb microphone, a long wave radio, youtube, a watering can, a glass vase, two drumsticks, Ketts Hill, a kettle, a guitar, Anna Johnston, some love and imagination
and samples from:
Ron Geesin – Certainly Random
Charles Rouse – In His Presence of Searching
Romark – Relax….You’re Going to Lose Weight
The Faith Temple Choir – ’tis the Old Ship of Zion
Peter Drake – Stairway to Heaven
The Pipkins – Here Come the Kins
The Settlers – The Big D.J.
The Soft Machine – A Door Opens and Closes
“Cockney as it’s Spoke”
Bobby McFerrin – Music Box
International Circus Band – Circus People
Hotlegs – Neanderthal Man
Jeanette Richer – What Are You Going to Be?
Anzoategui – Zamba Para Mi
“Music of the Rain Forest Pygmies”
The Marlowe Society – Richard II
Anton Karas – Wien, Weib, Wein
Phil Wachsmann – Writing in Water
“Oiseux des Bois et des Etangs”
Nigel Farage
Adolf Hitler
A Cuckoo, and a Nightingale.

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